Travel Print "Dubrovnik Cathedral"

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The ancient city of Dubrovnik, on the Dalmatian coast in southern Croatia. The view is as expansive and alluring as its history. This town has seen a lot over the centuries: it was initially established by refugees from nearby Epidaurum (modern-day Cavtat) during the 7th century when they were led to safety by their archbishop; at various points in time it was ruled both by Venice and Byzantium, before finally becoming an independent republic for nearly four hundred years; then followed a period of Ottoman rule until its liberation in 1808. Today, it's one of Europe's top travel destinations because of its architecture, culture, and gastronomy - best enjoyed from such a vantage point as this.

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Art prints are a great way to spruce up any wall. Especially if your home is full of the same old paintings and photos, an art print can really bring some color into your life. Art prints are not just for decoration, though; they also have a deeper meaning than that. To me, every piece of art represents something different in my life. It might be as simple as what I did last weekend or how I'm feeling about myself at this particular moment in time. So, it is important to me that the pieces mean something more than just looking good on the wall.

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